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Instigator sports is a dynamic company with programs that are aimed at the holistic development and empowerment of young people through sports and supporting everyone towards clarity of healthy living.


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Active-Start Soccer

ActiveStart Soccer provides the first phase of athlete development to children aged between 3 8 years old. The program allows kids to learn various skills.

Goal Gators

Goal Gators Soccer Schools was introduced to address an urgent need to provide children with a dynamic soccer development program that is at the forefront of the field.

Coaching Facilitations

We develop sports skills, nurture talent, and ensure that the athletes are well trained and prepared for their respective sports, with early development, and proper training and management of the athletes in both public and private schools.

Wellness Program

We help you attain the level of weight-loss, fitness or well required or desired, our coaches are ready to work with you and help you better yourself with our mild and intense training programs.

Enrollment Stats

Active-Start Soccer

Children enrolled in 32 pre-school


Children in 2 group session.

Our Unique Approach

Not only to build and develop skills and nurture talents; but to create an environment for people to feel part of a social movement and community where we are developing social conscience and awareness in individuals and communities in a fun, expressive and enjoyable environment that not only uplifts human talent, and spirit but also encourages innovation and active participation, develops selfesteem, confidence and excellent leadership.